Tournament Rules

Framework for Playing Modus/Tournament Rules for competitions of the

1. Playing conditions

Competitions are played according to the Official Rules (incl. amateur status)of Golf of the German Golf Association as well as to local rules of the Lübeck-Travemünder Golf-Klub. Competitions are organised according to the EGA-Handicap system.
All rules of the German Golf Association are available in the secretary of the LTGK. Local rules will be published on the information board.

2. Right of participation

Members of DGV-affiliated clubs as well as members of accepted national and foreign golfclubs having a recognized handicap are entitled to participate in competitions.

3. Rules for individual tournaments

Individual tournament details contain the date, start of the tournament, playing modus and effectiviness of handicap, tees, limits for handicap and number of players if required, participation fee for members and guests, end of entry, prize categories and the responsible persons’ names of tournament committee. Tournament detaisl are published on the information board, on the website of the LTGK and in the tournament calender. If some of the tournament rules differ from those of this framework, the individual tournament details are valid. The tournament committee has the right to change the individual tournament details until start of tournament. On the day of tournament the corresponding details on the information board are official. After the first tee-off amendments of tournament details are only possible in case of unusual circumstances.

4. Entry

Players may entry for a competition online, through telephone call, or email addressed to the secretary. The latter will be accepted without guarantee.

If the number of participants is limited, entries will be considered following date and time of application. If necessary waiting lists are kept. Only two months in advance entries are possible. Entries may be cancelled until closing date.

In case of later cancellation or non-appearance the entry fee has to be paid.

5. Starting list

After closing date starting list is drawn up and presented in time. Also players will be informed by SMS if possible, furthermore the starting list can be looked at on our website (PC Caddie). By agreement with the tournament supervisor and possibly the sponsor the starting order will be fixed. In exceptional case the tournament supervisor can alter the starting order.

6. Authorised equipment

The ball, one player is using, has to be listed in the current valid directory of golf balls of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. Clubs, Putter etc. must be in accordance with the official regulations of DGV (German Golf Association, DGV-Hardcard)). It is solely the responsibility of the player that his equipment complies with the rules. The use of distance measuring devices during the competition is allowed.

Allowed are only devices that have no other functions (eg wind measurements, slope). In this case also rules of the DGV-Hardcard are valid.
Electronic means of communication (receiving or transmitting) have to be switched off during the competition and may be used only in case of emergency. A violation results in accordance with Rule 14-3 of the Rules of Golf to disqualification.

7. Use of motorized golf carts

The competition management may authorize the use of golf carts in individual cases if, because of physical disabilities, participation in the tournament is not possible without a cart. On request a medical certificate has to be presented. Carts will be allocated in respect of incoming reservations


Tournament supervisor/starter will be named for each competition and are responsible for proper organization. If necessary they are able to alter tee times and change flights. Course referees and starter are acting on behalf of the tournament supervisor.

9. Delayed appearance/teetime

Each player is responsible to appear 5 minutes in advance of his teetime in the area of his tee. In case a player appears 5 minutes after his teetime he will be punished with loss of hole (match play) or with 2 additional strokes (medal). About disqualification in particular matters the tournament supervisor decides in accordance with rule 33-7. Penalty in case of more than 5 minutes delay means disqualification anyway.

10. Interruption of tournament due to danger

If the tournament supervisor is forced to interrupt a competition, it will be done in accordance with rule 6-8, in which obligations of the player and the respective penalties are quoted.
The following acoustic signals should be followed:

a) Long signal: Immediate interruption because of danger
b) Repeated three signals: Other interruption of competition
c) Repeated two short signals: Resumption

At every time it is to his own discretion of the player to interrupt the competition in case of danger. However is there no interruption by the tournament supervisor the player has to resume immediately the competition, otherwise he has to be disqualified. In case the tournament supervisor has interrupted the competition because of danger, all training areas are also closed. Penalty in case of violation: Disqualification.

Location of shelters

Shelter Access from
Hole 4, right at hedgerow Hole 3 and 4, Green 6
Green 7/Tee 8 Holes 7, 8, 12 and tee 9
Behind tee 6 (gentlemen tee) (Toilettes) Holes 5, 6, 13 and 14
Halfwayhouse Tee 10, (Toilettes) Holes 9, 10, 11
Middle of fairway 10, righthand Holes 10, 16 and 17
Tee 15 behind (Toilettes) Holes 15 and 16
Behind tee 17 (under trees) Holes 1, 17, tee 18
Behind Green 24 Holes 22, 23 and 24
Near ladies tee 26 Holes 21, 25 and 26
Ladies tee 27, righthand Holes 20, 21 and 27

11. Unfair behavior, violation of etiquette

If a player behaves unfair the Executive Board may impose the following sanctions: a) warning, b) conditions, c) limited or durable ban for competitions of the Lübeck-Travemünder Golf-Klub. Heavy unfairness behavior is considered in case of violation of traditionally developed and generally accepted rules of golf (violation of rules and etiquette with intent, unexcused non-appearance for a competition, manipulating of competition results etc.) or sport activities and other players suffer of non-acceptable disadvantages and impairments. In case of a heavy violation of etiquette the tournament supervisor may disqualify a player regardless rule 33-7.

12. Unreasonable delay, slow play

Recommended times for the competition are noticed on the score card. For the first stroke the player should not exceed 50 seconds, for the following strokes the limit are 40 seconds. In case of exceeding the recommended time the player will be warned by the tournament supervisor. If no improvement occurs the next violation will be punished with a penalty stroke (medal) and loss of one hole (matchplay). For further violation two penalty strokes are imposed, thereafter disqualification. In case of Stableford competitions or competitions against par it is particularly desired that a player may pick up his ball, as soon as no further point can be achieved or that he cannot win hole anymore.

13. Decision in case of same results (shooting)

In case of identical results of tournaments of LTGK the following basic rules apply:

Shooting in stroke play:

The jump-off takes place on the basis of nine played holes, which are selected according to the degree of difficulty according to the handicap distribution (heavy, light holes) (1, 18, 3, 16, 5, 14, 7, 12, 9). In another tie, count the 6 holes with the Level 1, 18, 3, 16, 5, 14 after 1, 18, 3 and finally the most difficult hole.

Shooting in match play:

According to rules of tournament details.

14. Handing-out of score card

Score cards have to be delivered immediately to secretary/tournament supervisor at end of competition and after having compared the results. A player's score card is considered delivered when it has been filed with the tournament supervisor/secretary and the player has left the scoring area.

15. Termination of the competition

A competition is finished when the tournament supervisor has officially announced the result in the award ceremony.

16. Data protection

"I am aware that my name, my handicap and my teetime on the start list will be password protected published on the Internet.

With entry to the competition I agree also in the publication of my name, my image, my handicap and my competition result in a result list on the internet or in printed form. "

17. Coming into force

This Framework for playing modus/tournament rules shall enter into force in March 2017.

Competiton Committee LTGK

February 2023