Ten teams of men and women in different age groups are representing the LTGK in the team competitions and document the sporty character of our Golf-Klub.
The teams complete besides their own training during the season an extensive range of team-competitions on our and on foreign courses.
As the host at the home games they present the qualities of our golf-course, in the away competitions they are ambassadors and thus contribute significantly to the sporting reputation of LTGK.

Of course, our youth department is providing a number of teams of various ages in girls and boys, from which our top teams of men and women recruit their young people.
The youth teams can be found on the own website of our youth department.

Mannschaftspokaltermine 2019

Damen AK 30 (B2)HeimspielGC SülfeldGC Gut ApeldörGC GroßenseeGC Gut Grambek
Damen AK 50 (B1)Förde GC GlücksburgMHGC AukrugHeimspielGC Schloss BreitenburgKieler GC Havighorst
1. Herren AK 30 (A1)HeimspielG&LC Gut UhlenhorstMHGC AukrugFörde GC GlücksburgGC Schloss Breitenburg
2. Herren AK 30 (C2)GC BrunstorfGC Siek-AhrensburgMaritim GC OstseeG&CC Hohwachter BuchtHeimspiel
1. Herren AK 50 (C2)G&CC BrunstorfGC SülfeldHeimspielGC am SachsenwaldG&CC Hohwachter Bucht
2. Herren AK 50 (D5)GC FehmarnGCO GrömitzMaritim GC OstseeHeimspielGC Gut Waldshagen
1. Herren AK 65 (C4)GC CurauGC FehmarnGC JersbekGC Brodauer MühleHeimspiel
2. Herren AK 65 (D1)GC am Donner KleveGC Hof BergXHeimspielG&CC Hohwachter Bucht