Our Playing Groups

Besides the extensive offer of competitions of the large and long-established tournaments in the LTGK weekly competitions of our playing groups are an attractive option to play in a relaxed atmosphere handicap effective rounds.
The fortnightly Seniors Round of ladies and gentlemen of SG 1988 (founded in 1988) meets on Tuesday, followed by weekly playing Summer Seals on Wednesday, in which the men of all ages are meeting, on Thursday gather the ladies, called the Seagulls who meet already since 1966 every Thursday, and on Friday, it is the Tiger & Rabbits, where beginners and newcomers slowly integrate into the Klub.
On Tuesday there is a 9-hole After-Work-Round. In the wintertime, however, there is no rest, even then there are the Winter Seals (men) and the Winter Seagulls (ladies) and the Tiger & Rabbits who defy the bad weather.

Our playing groups are indispensable for the LTGK because they contribute significantly to the integration of the members.